The Unex Advantage

  • Best Location, closer to the International Passenger Terminal/Aircraft Parking Area, +/- 13 Minutes.
  • Integrated International – Domestic Cargo Area.
  • ONE Single Management, NO Out-sourcing company.
  • Full Computerize EDI/Electronic Data Interchange for Export & Import Custom Clearance.
  • Full Custodial Control, 24 Hours Operation, 24 Hours Security and CCTV System.
  • Dedicated Custom & Quarantine Services.
  • Huge X-Ray Machine


1. Security

Using high-tech security systems and devices in UNEX premises ensures that cargo is being handled in a secure and safe environment.

Well-trained security professionals who add value to your organization by providing the highest qualitysecurity services support all Securitas clients. Our training programs include specialized instruction for the high tech/telecommunications environment, and are supplemented with sitespecific  training to fully familiarize security officers with all policies and procedures.  In addition, we develop specific awareness programs, such as Identity.

Our Racking System is fully customs-bonded with both computerized and human security systems providing maximum  protection. The Main Terminal Building has more than 56 close circuit  elevision cameras and security access control system to safeguard the security of stored cargo and the premises.


2. Integrated Facilities

PT UNEX INTI INDONESIA provides a state-of-the-art center for the ground handling and air cargo warehousing facilities. With all facilities integrated by our highly automated system,we offer a complete range of time-efficient services designed to speed up your business process.

Provides a facility that assures you of the security of your cargo
from the aircraft to the consignee.

Our warehouses are located closed to terminal 1 and 2.
This means Unex can serve all users of Soekarno
Hatta International Airport.

Unex have 5 warehouse buildings with a total space of 15.500 m2, with a planned expansions of a new building, bringing the total space to 18.600 m2. The buildings are equipped with rooms designed for a comprehensive range of purpose.

Our hardware and infrastructure allow us to handle your every cargo need – from ground support equipment like baggage tractors, main deck loaders, aircraft towing tractor, dollies, GPU AC Car to warehouse equipment like fork lifts, digital weighing scale, cool room and cold storage, electrical forklift baggage cart. Our facilities include cold rooms as well as a general warehouses. provides a facility that assures you of the security of your cargo from the aircraft to the consignee







3. Advanced Automation

Our highly mechanized systems and handling technologies enable us to process all activities by unprecedented speed, transparency and reliability

We have invested in the latest innovations in ground equipment technology and automotive selected to be environmentally friendly. With a modern ground-equipment maintenance center and highly skilled engineering and technician teams, Unex commits to high standards and quality of service that gives customers confidence in the services provided.

We offer our customers modern, spacious and secure warehousing options at our hub to meet their unique needs.
We are passionate about excellence in safety and customer
service. Our highly automated ULD Storage System
is one of the most sophisticated devices of cargo handling
technologies,  enabling us to process cargo


4. Efficiency

Our cargo workstation are designed to handle all cargo operations, ensuring maximum efficiency in the use of facilities

Because we put the Safety- Security-Speed- Accuracy as our top priority. That’s why customer can get the best services than other ground handling agent.

Our cargo build-up and break-down workstations are designed to handle both import and export cargo, ensuring maximum efficiency in the use of terminal facilities.