Cargo Warehouse

International : Export and Import

  • Acceptance of export cargo and mail documents,
  • Physical control and preparation of export cargo and mail,
  • Monitoring cargo and mail for proper loading to the aircraft,
  • Custom transactions of export cargo,
  • Transfer of incoming cargo to import warehouse and incoming mails to Turkish Postal Services (PTT),
  • Detection of disruption of imported cargo and mail if any, and taking necessary actions,
  • Completion of custom clearance of the imported cargo and preparing it for delivery to recipients,
  • Notiļ¬cation of recipients,
  • Transfer cargo services.


Domestic : Incoming and Outgoing

UNEX provides incoming and outgoing cargo services, our warehouses equipped with cold storage depots, secure sections for valuable cargo, special sections for restricted substances and protected areas for hazardous items with x-ray and CCTV system, protecting the cargo with secure and safety ways.