IT Systems

PT. Unex Inti Indonesia provides the best technology to serve our customer.



  • Using of worldwide branded IT Technology Solution. IT Infrastructure support with Fiber Optic technology to stabilized any data and or voice communication to fulfill international requirement of e-cargo operation.
  • The optimizing IT Infrastructure build to support further improvement in managing operational cut cost and boost efficiency through technological innovation and focus in reaching high quality services design.
  • The IT Infrastructure protected by using branded system security equipment with full support from its principle to ensure sufficient protection of confidential data.


  • Wide range CCTV area covered of cargo warehouse with 24 hours and 7 days per week operation.
  • We are running a special procedure to monitor our area concern with preventive, corrective and detective action;
    • Preventive :Support with qualified CCTV operator with hourly rotation to prevent not only thievery but more action preventing working accident.
    • Detective : Support with 1 year CCTV video recording to looking for the lost cargo and to analyze any incident related to the lost cargo.
    • Corrective : Always improve by making correction on a procedure and policy to minimize any incident of lost cargo and working accident.
  • Using a high technology CCTV, with corrective real time fps, high resolution camera and result
  • Features of multigrouping will make our customer enjoying a distance control without disturbing other customer


  • Our application using latest version of Java Technology (licensed) that available for any kind of operating system such as Windows, Linux, and Solaris.
  • Using the latest version of Oracle Database for improvement, accuracy, flexibility and scalabilty to cover requirement of large data and information and get full support from its principle.
  • High Availabilty application with adequate backup system, to ensure 24 hours operation with very minimum downtime possibility.
  • Protect by reliable security system with 24 hours support by its principle to ensure sufficient system protection.


  • Implement SDLC system to ensure the growth of systems are always a few step ahead of other players.
  • Current RnD projects are :

    • Implementation of auto location detector
    • RFID

    • Mobile CCTV capability will improve our protection of cargo and its movement from Aircraft to Warehouse vice versa

    • Under aircraft data transmit and communication will enhance the speed and accuracy of data updating process and improve the professionalism of services and quality.
    • Mobile features of our application is more that enough to answering the need of our operation with minimum Indonesian Customs Issues.